Creating a Modal Dialog From Dynamic Bundle


I'm fairly new to MacOSX programming and I was hoping someone could answer my question:

Is it possible to create a dialog box that processes user messages from from a dynamic bundle? I have a simple application that dynamically loads a app bundle. One of the exported functions in the app bundle creates a modal dialog box.

Inside of my bundle, I get a pointer to my dialog nib file with CreateNibReference(). I then call CreateWindowFromNib(), InstallWindowEventHandler(), ShowWindow(), and then finally RunAppModalLoopForWindow(dialogWIndow)

The Dialog Window renders, but it doesn't appear to process any messages. It just hangs until I terminate the application Note: the application that calls into the bundle is a straight carbon application (i.e. no main window). I'm sure I'm doing something dumb here, but I don't know what it is.