Creating a new window in from unix prompt


Does anyone know how to create a new window in the using a unix command line instruction?

Obviously, Cmd-N creates one, but say I want to spawn a new shell process (inheriting current shell properties) with a new window in

One can use 'xterm &' if you have an XWindows manager going e.g. Exodus.... but in

Thanks, Rick
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well you could start a new Terminal process. from the shell, start

the problem, is now you have 2 's running. each window in terminal is NOT a new process as with xterm. its a new thread. so the only way to start a new window is using the cmd N.

now if i could only find a way to get backspace to be a ^h instead of ^? ...

stty erase ^h does NOT change the terminal app. it changes the shell to read a ctrl-h as an erase. which is NOT what terminal sends when i hit backspace.