Creating a standard account from an administrator account


I've been using my Macbook pro as an "admin" account since 2009. Though I have set it up to sign in after sleep, and to sign in to admin any changes in apps, uploads, etc., I have been hearing a lot about having an admin account as a stand alone and actually using the computer in standard.

I've read that you create a new admin, sign out of the other admin, sign into the new one, then change the old admin to "standard" in order to keep all your settings like the dock, apps, etc.

My concern is, before I do this, is that correct? Will I sign into the old "admin" that is now "standard" and see everything exactly as it is now ie dock, desktop and most importantly all the Little Snitch preferences? And my Ghostery, Disconnect and AdblockPlus settings?

Thanks in advance.
PS I'm still running 10.6.8 as I am trying to find out about some apps and hardware that "may not work" with Mavericks.
That way should work. It's definitely the most logical way to convert your account when you've been using it for a while.

Little Snitch etc should keep working just fine. Worst case, if some app or preference would sometimes need access to admin privileges, you can then authenticate as your new admin user (for that dialog).