Creating Fsspec For Sharepoint On Same Machine.



I have created a share point say SP on my mac having OS X 10.3.4 Server. Let us assume that the sharepoint SP refers to VolumeName:Folder1:Folder2. Further assume that folder2 which is sharepoint SP has some subfolders.

In my application which is executing on the same machine where sharepoint is created, when I specify finder path (i.e VolumeName:Folder1:Folder2:subfolder1), the function FSMakeFSSpec executes correctly and returns me the FSSpec object for subfolder1.

But, when I specify the path in terms of share point i.e. SP:Subfolder1 the same function fails with error -35 i.e. volume not found.

Further, if I specify path in terms of sharepoint i.e. SP:Subfolder1 & execute the same application on another mac machine after mounting this SharePoint SP that I have created on my first mac machine, the same function succeeds.

Could somebody explain me the reasons behind this behaviour of mac OS X server. Also, let me know how I can get the FSSpec object for the SP:Subfolder1, if I have to execute my application on the same machine?