Creating Pdfs


I often create PDF files on Mac OS 10.3.9 from within a variety of applications, ranging from Adobe Illustrator to QuarkXpress to MSWord to Mellel (a multilingual word processing program). Usually this is accomplished in the PRINT menu, but in some of my older applications, it's a "SAVE AS" choice.

The problem arises when I send these PDFs (usually via email, but sometimes saved to a CD) to a variety of recipients. Some can open and print the PDF document just fine. Others can open it, but cannot print. Still others cannot even open the document, and instead get a variety of error messages. This array of possible problems happens regardless of whether the recipient is a Mac or PC user.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a setting somewhere that I don't know about? Please help!
I have one bit of advice. This is to always open your PDF files to ensure that they have been created properly. However, my guess is that your problem is probably not your problem, per se. If only some of your recipients have trouble with your PDFs, then they may have an old copy of Adobe [Acrobat] Reader or some other PDF viewer.

Second bit of advice. Try to identify patterns in the glitches experienced by your recipients. Although I don't think you are creating the problem, I have no way of knowing this for certain. Only you do. Of the people on this forum, only you know anything about your recipients. Real information beats wild @$$ guessing any day.