creating postscript


I wan't to create a postscript file from any application in OSX.
But the only way is to generate a pdf file (version 1.3).

Any other system is able to generate postscript .
Mac OS - 9.2 / windows 3.1 - nt4.0 - 2000 / linux - beos / even wp 5.1 under dos.

In postscript you have everything you need. Graphics and fonts and device independentam i using the right words .If you use acrobat distiller as a ppd to generate postscript file of course.

When your file is postscript you have the most control to generate different pdf format. One for the web, another for this printer and another for prepress, etc. etc.

Will adobe release a printerdriver with a virtual printer for OSX.
Who knows?

I'm waiting.....:(