Creating Remote login Usernames???


I was wondering if there is a way to create remote login usernames under MacOS X with the Apache Webserver. I want to be able to create usernames that can login in via FTP and store/retrive files from an allocated folder for them. The usernames would also be associated with having their own webspace, ex. I know this is possible now by just adding users to the system in the preference panels which gives each of the added users a home directory and webpace with their username. The difference is, I want the user to have a home directory for access via FTP / remote logins only. I do not want them to have local login access at my physical computer terminal. I also want them to only have access to files in their home directory, which I believe I can do now with chroot if only remote logins were used.

- Power Mac G4
- Dual-533 MHz
- 512MB RAM