Crossfire Smardisk External Hardrive 160gb


I have a G4 power book. Hooked up to that through a fire wire port is my External hard drive. After spending hours on my computer the night before, making an iTunes music play list for a friend, I wake up to find that my external drive is not showing up on my desk top. My ipod which is attached to the external drive shows up in itunes, but I cannot play a song. The files are missing. They are on my external drive. I have restarted the computer. I have turned off the smartdisk external drive. I have unplugged it. Restarted the computer. Tried to access the smartdisk web page. But failed to locate it. I am running Tiger. And the light on top of the external hard drive is blinking. I don't know what to do next. Any ideas?
Thanks, Angie
Hi Angie, I have the exact same problem with this 160GB disk, please please tell me if you have made any progress! I'm pulling my hair out as I've lost all my music. Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!!
Your posts were a long time ago so I assume your problems must have been resolved. If not, you could try using Disk Utility to verify/repair possible damage to the disk. I've been recommended Disk Warrior (similar but supposedly more powerful than Disk Utility) and Data Rescue (recover data from damaged hard drives) as well, but these two cost money.