CS2 book suggestions


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I have just bought the CS2 upgrade for the design agency that I work in. Most of the designers are going to be using InDesign for the first time, and jumping from Freehand to Illustrator.

I really don't want to spend the next 6 months answering questions related to the new apps, so can anyone recommend a good ref., book that covers the whole suite rather than individual apps?

"Classroom in a Book" is available for all CS- and CS2-products. Look at amazon.com or adobe.com for the books.
Ben Willmore has a book a Digital Mastery.com .He sells it through Amazon.com. It only covers new changes and is highly recommended. I have his training DVDs books and been to his seminars. He lets you know why stuff works and how to avoid pitfalls. Not just a cookbook approach. check it out in a Barnes and Nobel if it is out there yet. it is on sale 30% at Amazon.com now. Also if you are a member of NAPP you can get a 5%discount at B&Noble. I have Total Training by Deke McClellan. I like learning by watching and following along. He knows the new filters and why the settings work. I finally understand sharpening with both unsharp mask and the new smart sharpen. Good luck.
Books are good, but if your designers know Illustrator inside and out they won't have any problem with InDesign. InDesign's tools are very intuitive and Illustrator-like and for questions I just use InDesign Help in the Help menu.

I was able to teach myself InDesign in about 5 days through working with it. I was up and running in about one day on it.