.cshrc file ....where is it?

mark cookman

Hello all

I am fairly used to IRIX on an SGI machine but I cant find my OSX .cshrc file , I want to add some aliases for commands and so on.
Also I have been trying to get the firewall to start up automatically , should the script go into system/library/startup...... or into /library/startup/......
either way its not being recognised , should it have a particular suffix?

if you don't have .cshrc or .tcshrc or the file for whatever shell you use, then just make one in your home directory.

if it's for all users, I think you're supposed to make changes in /usr/share/init/tcsh/ (assuming you are using default shell, which is tcsh). I'm not sure, just do find for tcsh and find the correct directory.

afaik, Apple wants you to put non-Apple startup items in /Library/StartupItems/ instead of /System/Library/StartupItems/

I haven't made anything that goes in there myself, but I think you need a script that starts the process, and StartupParameters.plist for it.

if it's a simple script you want to run when you logon, you can just go to System Preferences and add it in "Login"