Cube able to upgrade Intel from G4.


Chic Not Geek

A KOREAN FIRM U-Power was reported to be offering an alternative upgrade path for Power Macintosh G4 Cube users. Instead of the usual G4 PowerPC Chip why not join with Jobs and share his penchant for all things Intel by slipping a Pentium M in your shiny Cube.

That mean there will be more upgrade for current Mac.. Interesting!
It's being called a hoax by some at Slashdot. I just wonder if it's all real... I got a dead Cube or two laying around that I'd love to update or something.
From the article:
"The U-Power upgrade features 1.5 or 1.8GHz versions of Intel's Pentium-M and is not designed for folk wanting to run Mac software."

Sounds like a downgrade if you ask me. :eek:
I assume such a system would never, ever be able to run OS X, though, even when it comes out for Intel (since Apple won't allow it to run on anything but their machines). So...ewww!