Cube + MacOS X ? (Is this machine enough?)



A few questions :

1) I am about to buy a Cube G4 whit 128mb ram and a 450 G4 on it, is there any known serius problems whit the Cube under Mac OS X ?
2) Is 128mb ram enough really ?
3) Rage128 follows whit the machine default, how good is this card?
4) I would like to use a 21' monitor from Sony, any problems whit that ? I would like to run it all in 1280x1024
5) When Mac OS X finaly get relesed, can I "over install" it over my Beta version, and don't loose my files ?
6) The beta expires in May(right?), and after that I gotta bootup MacOS X from a bootable cd, can I access the fs in any other way ? So I can get to my files
7) Is the FS a journaling FS ?
8) how big is the memory leak in MacOS X ?
9) How is Explorer and outlook under MacOS X ? Do I need to use "classic" to get them working ?
10) The TCP stack in MacOS X, is it the BSD stack ?
11) Is there any plans to port GTK(+) support to MacOS X? (So I can run some of my gnome and X11 programs under it, I don't think that this is possible, but while I am asking I might as well ask that to).

Thats it

- friendly regards

- The G4 shouldn't make any trouble.

- 128mb of ram is enough (that's what i have, not the cube, the memory).

- rage128 is quite a good card but if you'rea hard core gamer, you should buy an ati radeon or a GeForce (drivers are probably available on the net).

- 1600*1200 may be fine with a 21" monitor (i display 1280*1024 on my 17").

- don't know but certainly you will overinstall the final release without any loss of data.

- Concerning the FS, OSX works with HFS+ or unix FS, but what do you mean 'journaling FS' (i'm sorry, i'm french).

- memory leak : i don't know

- outlook and internet 'exploiteur' : forget it. ie is simply unstable. you should try OmniWeb or Mozilla.
IE is carbonized whereas, as far as i know, outlook needs Classic.

- OSX is BSD.

- No official project for GTK+. but it may needs little adaptation for OSX.
I have not been able to install on my Cube at all, I ave 448MB HD but everything else is default? Any suggestions?