Cube + MacOS X ? (Is this machine enough?)



A few questions :

1) I am about to buy a Cube G4 whit 128mb ram and a 450 G4 on it, is there any known serius problems whit the Cube under Mac OS X ?
2) Is 128mb ram enough really ?
3) Rage128 follows whit the machine default, how good is this card?
4) I would like to use a 21' monitor from Sony, any problems whit that ? I would like to run it all in 1280x1024
5) When Mac OS X finaly get relesed, can I "over install" it over my Beta version, and don't loose my files ?
6) The beta expires in May(right?), and after that I gotta bootup MacOS X from a bootable cd, can I access the fs in any other way ? So I can get to my files
7) Is the FS a journaling FS ?
8) how big is the memory leak in MacOS X ?
9) How is Explorer and outlook under MacOS X ? Do I need to use "classic" to get them working ?
10) The TCP stack in MacOS X, is it the BSD stack ?
11) Is there any plans to port GTK(+) support to MacOS X? (So I can run some of my gnome and X11 programs under it, I don't think that this is possible, but while I am asking I might as well ask that to).

Thats it

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1) Not AFAIK.
2) Yes.
3) The RAGE 128 is fine.
4) I think most monitors should work OK from OS X.
5) This is unclear, how should anybody know this yet, OS X isn't finished. You can always back up your home dir or something.
6) This question is unclear, but by May OS X final should be out so you should have upgraded already. Also, you can get at your OS X files from OS 9 (or any other OS that can mount your OS X drive for that matter).
7) WTF?
8) What memory leak?
9) Are you deliberately being stupid? This is all over the place.
10) Uhh.... BSD sockets are present, yes, but carbon OT calls will work too and there may be a cocoa framework for sockets i don't know.
11) GTK runs on OS X. You can run X11 apps if you boot X Windows from the console (log in as >console which kills quartz), or if you use XTools from Tenon. They'll need porting and at least recompiling, probably some other things like ironing out incompatibilities.
I played with OS X on a cube a while back in our campus computer store. It was NICE. You don't need to worry about the hardware.
Originally posted by Johan
7) Is the FS a journaling FS ?

No -- neither HFS+ nor UFS (your options for OS X partitions) are journaling filesystems. Based on your other questions, I can't possibly see why you care, though. I know that this is a popular Linux wank at the moment, but the performance and recover abilities of logging and journaling filesystems really only apply to high performance servers, not workstation-style use.
I think that you'd better take it with the radeon card if you plan to play 3d games!
Because i'm not sure anybody will make video cards for the cube.
Why buy a cube when you can get a dual G4 for less?

Select the lowest end G4 then upgrade the processor, then remove useless crap like the zip and modem. I agree with the Radeon comment although I'll mention you'll have to wait for the final version before you get any acceleration.
this zip is useless?

that's funny.

i agree though... with the current rebate on the g4 tower... get a tower.