Cupertino... Where Vacuums are Made


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I tell you what... sometimes I wonder just what exactly is the world that Steve lives in. I realize, as a creator & visionary myself, that indeed... we sometimes have hairbrain ideas... some make it and some don't. But my ideas, as hairbrain as they might be sometimes, don't have a company with employees, shareholders and cult like atmosphere as big as Apple's behind it.

I remember back when Steve was touting the iTunes "see music" speech. He, somehow thought this was amazing, sooooo amazing did he think it was that many commercials where made with this rainbow of colors mixing on the screen. How productive is my computer being, if it is playing "visual music"?

Apple does ONE THING WELL, they build the most awesome computers around. Granted, they probably are better with portable laptops than anything else... the Newton, had potential, and I imagine... the latest item, iPod (to marketing department, hello anyone home?) has future potential.

The vast majority of Mac users were dumb-founded by this product. Wow! a breakthrough technology... MP3 player. Let's consider how break through this is...

1) How long have MP3 players been around?
2) How long have 5GIG small HD's been around?
3) How long has Firewire been around?

And so I ask again... this is "break through?" technology. I don't have a problem with Apple released gadgets, because Apple gadgets are cool, none-the-less. But, please, next time say, "Apple is going to release it's own line of digital devices"... and then say, the first one of those is... "a enhanced MP3 player". I think it would be more welcomed.

Please, if you have a digital camera in the works... they already have 1 gig compact flash cards that I can use with my Nikon Coolpix... but it is just USB. :)

So, with all that said... sometimes, I think vaccums, are just made in Cupertino.

The fact that this can double as a firewire HD is totally cool. Now I can take my music and my files with me to work/school and just carry one device and a firewire cable. Honestly, I've never wanted a portable MP3 player before and now I do. The only reservation I have about this product is the fact that it doesn't work with Windows. Once this thing is in the stores, its gonna join the displays as one of the things that Windows people really want and would gladly pay for, but can't have.

(Yes I know you CAN use an apple display on a PC, but for most people the price of the display is already high enough without having to purchase adapters/extra video cards)
I only knows that Imacs use vacuums and that there were originally made in Europe and are designed from someone in the UK.
I think the mistake they made is the way they marketed the iPod. Somewhere in this forum there is a link to an article about the iPod and its many uses- no, not one of those "use it as a paperweight or to knock out annoying kids" sort of lists, but a serious article about using it as a fast, pocket-sized backup/ machine maintenance kind of tool. There are sooooo many possibilities for this thing, you can be tech admin for a school, and when your walking to a messed-up iMac whose HD needs reformatting, you can listen to some music. When you get there, you boot off the same device you were just listening to, and use it to format the HD and install all the software it should have. This iss a great product, albeit expensive, and I don't think anyone was nuts to create it. I just think that calling it an "MP3 Player" is too limiting, it can be so much more out of the box!
Also, iTunes rocks, and it wasn't for productivity. It was to give the Mac community what they always want: an awesome looking program that does cool stuff, does it well, and Windows doesn't have it! It's for having fun w/ your Mac. Sure, just listening to it in the background can boost productivity, but any MP3 plaing program can do that- we want an all-Apple solution that kicks @$$. And we have it.