Cursor/dashboard Abnomalady


I have a G4 alum. Powerbook 1.25mhz w/ superdrive and 1gig of ram.

This morning I opened the PB and awakened it from sleep and
shortly after waking the cursor stuck in the bottom left corner and
dashboard popped up and I could not get the cursor to move over the desktop to control anything. Dashboard would appear and disappear as i tried to move the cursor w/ the touchpad. I left the
PB plugged in to the ac adapter for 6 hours and tried many times
to restart, run Cocktail, put the PB to sleep and wake again and this
behavior persisted. I woke it up after about 10hrs and suddenly
it is working okay... any clues as to why? I am using Tiger 10.4.2.



Scratch & Sniff Committee
It sounds like something went wrong with the trackpad. Moisture or cold conditions can sometimes cause the trackpad to misbehave, and like all good technical problems it goes away by the time you get it to a technician. Its also possible that a driver was misbehaving, as well.