Cursor gets large/unusable on G4 DP800 OS X 10.1


Both of the problems below are while using OS X 10.1

I have a very weird intermitent problem occuring on my G4 Dual 800, which is about 2 weeks old. The computer is stock from Apple, with the exception of a GeForce 2 card I took from my G4 867 and put in it, along with 1GB of memory from Crucial.

Sometimes, upon wakeup from either the screensaver, or from sleep mode the computer will come back to life, but the mouse pointer will be significantly bigger, almost like what a mouse pointer used to look like in DOS applications for the PC. The mouse pointer will not actually click where it is visible either....which makes me think the OS thinks it is still the small pointer, but it is large and ugly on the screen. The only fix I have found is to reboot.

What could be causing this?

Next, the computer will no longer go into sleep mode automatically from the timed settings in system preferences. The screen saver will kick in, the display will sleep, but the computer and hard drives will not go into sleep mode automatically. Sleep mode will still work from the menu, or by pressing the power button, but not automatically. This problem actually just started happening, which is really strange.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...the computer is otherwise flawless!

Thank You,
David J
I have experienced the same problem on occasion over the last few weeks. Occasionally, when the computer wakes from sleep, the pointer is larger and stretched vertically. It also does not click correctly. I also have an 800DP with 1.25GB RAM and am running 10.1. I have not found any way to correct the problem other than restarting.