Cursor stability


I have not installed OS X yet, but wanted to know from those who have if the arrow cursor is as stable as in OS9 (that is it does not jump around edges as does the arrow in Windows). This is important in Photoshop. Windows is difficult in this regard because the arrow tends to not "stick" where you click it.
i thk this has to do with the tracking speed of the mouse in windows. the mac generally is much slower (and more accurate) I think it would be nice if osx supported a little bit faster movement. but i'm sure it will also allow it to stay slow.
The cursor can move much faster in OS X if you want it. It's one of the big pluses IMO since the cursor in OS 9 was really to slow. Now I don't even have it on the fastest setting.

However to answer the original question, I believe it's just as stable. There's a little resistance before it starts moving