Custom Built Mac's


Hi Everyone,
I had some questions about making a Custom Built Mac. :) I know that apple doesnt sell motherboards and processors to build them with, but they can be bought on eBay and some other places for moderately reasonable prices. But here is my Scenario...

Alright, I have a powerbook G4 400MHz and it wont let me charge it unless you hold it at an angle. I took it into macmedia, they did some work on it, and basically said that i needed to replace the logic board because of it. I just bought a new logic board on eBay for it and it should be comming soon. I will also be buying probobly about 512 MB of ram because 256 just isnt cutting it lol. Anyways, thats it for the powerbook its gonna be fixed soon! :D

Well, I was thinking...I am going to have this extra logic board just lying around. I was thinking of building it into a custom built mac. I was thinking...Maybe, i can find a powerbook charger, and solder the power wires directly to the board (that will fix the problem with it charging) then i could have that half of the charger mounted inside the system case! Then i was thinking of taking my 256 ram that i have extra and using it inside of the custom mac. I also have some Extra cd-roms laying around. Two laptop cd-roms (for dell's), 1 cd-rom made for slot loading iMac's, and some burners for x86 computers. I have a 40 GB HDD laying around and an 80GB HDD laying around. I have about 5 G3/G4 Usb keyboards and mice laying around. I have atleast 3 extra monitors lol.

Anyways, i was thinking of building a custom mac with my old logic board, and if i can use my laptop parts, maybe i could build it inside of an old nes (nintendo entertainment system) I have seen many nes pc's, but how many nes mac's? lol

Post your commets, opinions, and anything else


-Thomas Johnson
Google for Kevin Rose. He put together a Mac/PC hybrid in one case at one point. He was on TechTV's Screensavers. Now he's doing several Podcasts including Systm and This Week In Tech. TWit is excellent. The others are good or very good.

Hmm...He built many custom mac's aye?

Would anyone know where i could find something that makes it where if i hook the computer up to the tv the resolution wont be blurry? Something with a very easy BIG interface?

Also, will i need any converters to attach a regular ide drive to my logicboard?