Customer Service Horror!


I know this is not your typical Mac OS X post but it's still an issue! I recently purchased the new Cube along with the new 17" Studio Display. The montor had slight distortion in upper right corner (possibly dead pixels). Settings in the Control Panel > Monitor did not fix. I called customer service, they sent a box with an airbill, and so on. Customer Service tells me they will fix my monitor and send it back, therefore turning my brand new monitor which I purchased at the brand new price, into a refurbished item! My questions are, 1) Did anyone else have distortion problems with their Studio Display and 2) Did anyone else face a similar problem with Customer Service?
That's a very normal thing to have occur (them wanting to repair the monitor)... were you desiring a new, replacement monitor, the best route to take would be contacting the location of the purchase and checking if maybe they can assist you further. I'd hardly consider it to be "refurbished" if Apple had it repaired, however.. and the 1yr warranty still applies. :)