customizing login window


Smiling 'till death
i was reading one of DarkShadow's posts (its a couple posts down) and he posted a pic of his login window. very sweet. im very very very anxious to customize mine now that i saw his, and was wondering if anyone else knew how to do it (so that i dont have to wait for his documentation in a couple days)? would be very much appriciated. btw, if anyone else has some cool customized login windows, post! i wanna see! :D
Heh, patience. ;)

But if you wanna take a crack at it, open up /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow/Resources/ up the right dialect folder there (i.e. English.lproj or German.lproj or whichever)...file is login.nib. You can mess with positions and stuff.

You should definitely make a backup first.

Oh yeah, you'll need to be root or use sudo to be able to actually save the changes. Err...and you'll need the Dev Tools installed (for Interface Builder).

Um...lesse...I think that's all the biggies. I'll of course be posting all the particulars soon. :)
That effin' rocks, bro!

I can't wait. I've been messing around in there customizing stuff, but I wanna know how you got the cool transparency.
still having problems enabling root access..

and also understanding the importantness of root access. i followed the guidelines on enabling it on (mac tip of the day) and enabled it. Are there any differences that im supposed to see happen within any of my system prefrence panels etc?

email me the responces
btw abackadoosh you MAY can try for info on how to change login panels..
If you click on the link in Aba's first post you'll see that Darkshadow changed the background pic, reconfigured the buttons on the login panel and added transparency to it as well. That's what we're waiting for instructions on.