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I have installed all of the Languages from the Tiger Installer, setup the Keyboard Viewer, and added all of the languages into the International List. I would like my Finder to be localized for Czech (Cestina) but I think there are supplimental files needed.

I found the following on another thread, but cannot find any information on :

"You cannot get the menus in czeck because Panther does not come with czeck localization. To get the finder localization you need to download the afformentioned files from By dragging cestina to the top of the list, like other members mentioned, other applications that are localized, like mellel perhaps, default to czeck menus."

Any information on supplimental languages would be very helpful.


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erilehnn said:
Any information on supplimental languages would be very helpful.

Apple has only fully localized the OS for 8 languages (I think they are 8, they might be 10...), any further localization is left up to the local IMCs that represent apple in different countries.

Some IMCs provide localization files for free (an example would be - although I have not found any tiger related files lately - they were pretty good up to 10.3 and then they stopped suddenly).

Other IMCs provide the localization software for a price (example: apple in poland where you have to buy another copy of the OS that includes the polonization of the OS)

Other IMCs give the localization away for free *only if* you've bought a mac from them. An example of this is Rainbow in Greece. If you bought a localized mac from them - you get the localization, and updates for free. Educators and Greek Organizations abroad were the exception in the past I do not know if this still holds true

Some IMCs don't provide localized apps or a localized finder, but do provide necessary keyboard layouts and/or more fonts for their language (example: turkey)

Then there are some IMCs that don't localize at all. An example of this is bulgaria. Every time I've been to their site I don't see any localization files. did provide a localization file, but I have not been to their site for quite some time and right now I cannot get to the site - the connection times out. To the best of my recollection they provided the localization for free, but since I have not installed it (it was back in the days of 10.3 that I last tried their site) I cannot say to what extent the finder is localized.

Of I forgot to mention that there are some user groups that are sick of waiting for their IMC's to provide the software, or sick of their IMC's policy on getting the localization for a price that they have started localization projects. An example of this is Gr-X that localizes the finder and built-in apps to Greek. I do not know if this exists for other languages though.


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OK I managed to go to the site:

Czech localization files for programs programs:

Greek localization (free) for Tiger:
(called Xgreek - I made a mistake in my previous post)

Russian localizations (out of date some are - yoda)

Turkish Apple IMC
(main site - I dont understand turkish so I cannot help you much :) )

Israel: Again I dont speak Hebrew, but here is their software page:

Hungarian localization:
(on the right hand side - if you speak the language it should be easy)

Polish Tiger Page:
(no localization files visible but browse around - you might find info)

Romanian software page:
(no localization files visible but browse around - you might find info)

(main site, last time I checked no localization files were available but give it a try)

Apple UAE (Arab Business Machines)
Last time I looked no locale files were available, site is in english, have a look around if you are looking for arabic localizations

Ukrainian locale files:
(a bit out of date they seem)

This is all I know :)