D-link Dsl-210 Usb Adsl Modem Driver Problem

marcos davi

i have recently bought a d-link dsl-210 USB adsl modem. i am from brazil, and this model is not available in the US.

though the store garantied me it would come with a mac driver, it did'nt. d-link brazil sent me a driver by e-mail, and i've downloaded one from the headquarters (in taiwan) (www.dlink.com.tw), and i believe they are the same.

i am having a real hard time installing it. i run the instalation, it restarts, but nothing else happens. i go to system preferences>network>network port configurations, and my new equipment isn't listed. one of the many times i installed the driver, a new port appeared called "ethernet en2", but it was dimmed and could not be selected. after i uninstalled and reinstalled, it didn't show up again.

my question is: is there anything i can do about it, or is this necessarely a driver problem (as I think it is)? d-link brazil's support is pretty bad, and each time i call they give me a different reason. they're trying to solve the problem, but meanwhile i am a weak without internet. i guess there is nothing i can configure on my mac to make things work out, but i have to be sure of that, since d-link brazil support has no idea what a mac is (although they sell you the modem saying it works with mac os x)

by the way: macmini G4 1.42, mac os x 10.3.9, and the ISP connects throuhg PPPoE

thanks a lot