D-link Dwl-122 And Wireless Printing


I purchased a DWL-122 for my son's G3 600 ibook to allow it to connect to our wireless LAN in the house. We can connect to the network (I'm connected now), but the Epson C84 printer that is shared by a G4 tower isn't showing up. I can see it and print to it from my Pismo Powerbook with an Airport card. Both of our laptops are running Tiger.
We're using an SMC wireless router.

So, is there something about the D-link that doesn't permit printing to wireless shared printers? I couldn't find anything in D-Link knowledgebase and haven't heard back from their technical support.
There is nothing in your equipment that would prevent printing. The first troubleshooting step is to confirm that file sharing works. The next is to confirm you have the same driver installed on both computers (server and client).