Damned MP3 Player!!!


Hey the other day, i downloaded a thing called Application Enhancer, and some modules for it, Shapeshifter, Shadow killer etc....anyhoo, after i had tinkered about with it, and changed the theme of my mac, and removed the shadows from the windows, my MP3 player would not mount!!!
It just gives me this error message, saying :

You have inserted a disk containing no volumes that Mac OS X can read. To continue with the disk inserted, click ignore. I have 3 options, Initialize, Ignore and eject.
Initialize, (my first choice) took me to the disk utility and suggested that i format the mp3 player, which i did, to no avail. It then suggestd i erased it, which i did ( now the mp3 player cant understand mp3s!!! grrr) and IT STILL DOESNT MOUNT!!!

i got rid of the software after changing everything back to normal. I have reinstalled Panther, updated to 10.3.9, and even tried putting in a brand new mp3 player, and that wont mount either. what the hell!? anyone who knows how to fix this, please help!!!!! :(

By the way, im running Panther on a G3 imac, 500MHz, 320 MB ram, and using the built in USB on the mac.
try removing the application enhancer, and see if it works after that. then we can troubleshoot the app enhancer, or see if it was something else
Have you repaired permissions and used a program like CacheOut (versiontracker.com) to clean all your caches out? Maybe these things will help your computer get back to normal.

I've heard of a lot of instances where graphic customization of the mac causes shut downs, program failures and even loss of data. Just enjoy that mac the way it is--much safer that way, even though it's a bit boring. :)
Go to Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility. Select the HD and click "Verify Permissions", then when that's done "Repair Permissions".

Then boot from your discs that came with your mac, and run Disk Utility from there, and then repair the disk.