Dancing Pixels go to Court


Even though Apple is receiving many complaints about “dancing pixels” on its 30-inch display, there is no evidence they are doing anything about it or even acknowledging the problem. (See their discussion group) In my case they did replace my logic board, one of the processors, my video card and even provided me a new display, all to no avail. I have a G5 PowerMac with dual 2.5 gig processors delivered to me last Feb. This doesn’t come cheap so expecting it to work properly doesn’t seem unreasonable..
My last contact with tech support recommended either I send my display to their facility in Kentucky where they will “study it” for some unknown period of time – the problem doesn’t occur everyday and they need to witness it – leaving me computer-less OR live with it OR take it up with Apple HQ. I elected the latter and am using a small claims court action to implement that election. Trial is scheduled for Sept.16.