Darwin and OS 9

you think darwin is a piece of software?!


os 9 is an operating system

darwin os is an operating system,

mac os x refers to the darwin os with aqua gui

and no, you canot install an os ontop of another os and expect them to somehow merge together magically and give you the dream os you want...
yes you could but trust me once you try you will not want to do it, think of darwin as linux, it has many selections of gui's i have aready installed window maker (a gui) once, but here are a few points that i'm shure will discourae you and save you a many a hours wasted:

- can't run os x apps
- can't run win apps (obviously)
- can only run posix compliant apps and most of them you will shit your head tring to install, very few have easy instalation methods, instructions. (i installed gimp over windowmaker over Xfree86 over darwin) it runs smooth but that's about the only usefull app that uses a gui that i could find a need for)
- installing darwin and then installing Xfree86 so you can run different gui's is not an easy task on a "bareneaked" darwin installation. (i installed xfree ontop of the darwin that comes with os x so i had to boot into os x to use it, this made me feel like cheating)
-and whe you say darwin on windows that's the "comand line" darwin (well there isn't other) and you still run into all the problems described above.
- it's certainly a challenge from which you may learn a great many things, but i found out that osx is by far more advantageous to use than linux or darwin exept for the fact that it's closed source. (but that has it's advantages as well wich are off topic for me to list them here)
I havent played around with darwin, but I have played around with OpenBSD and NetBSD... although I do like CLI-ing from time to time, if you have to do serious work on it then it can be a mighty pain in the arse if you dont know what you are doing :p

For me it was a hobby so erasing and reinstalling wasnt a problem till I got it right since I did it on my spare time...if you did this seriously you would get REALLY fristrated. If you've got a mac...get OS X and save yourself the headache...if you are a hobbyist...then go at it :)

ok thanks for all your help its just that Darwin and Xfree etc.. all that stuff really intrests me and I wanted to know if it was worth messing with...
If you wan't to play around with Darwin & Xfree86, why not install xfree86 on top of OS X? It is not too hard, and you can play around with many unix programs like gimp, lyx, etc.

A good start is using Fink to install it http://fink.sourceforge.net/ .
that's true, installing xfree86 ontop of os x is not so hard, but don't follow the official instalation instructions they'll scare you and are useless,