Darwin on x86


i see that apple develop a x86 version of Darwin, perhaps to release a Mac Os X on x86 in the future (please please please). I want to try but before that, i ask u if anyone have try it to know i fit's work well.

Coze it's "just" the darwin engine, i suppose we cannot do more than shell commands.

Somebody could confirm that?

Thks in advance.

It's kinda like putting Linux on your box, only you won't be able to use all the RPM's out there. You'll probably want to get XFree86 for Darwin. I think there are links from www.darwinfo.org.

No, all the graphical elements and the Cocoa stuff is Apple-only.

It's kind of an odd marriage, having the *nix kernel open source but making it primarily only useful for selling Mac OS X.

Does anyone out there use Darwin by itself for reasons other than fiddling around?

On an x86 box, I'd go for Linux -- better hardware support and more software. I don't know of any advantage of Darwin/x86 over FreeBSD/x86 as well.