Darwin x86 and Mac OS 10.1


I recently downloaded and installed Darwin x86. The opensource darwin for Intel based computers. The problem is that it is only a unix type prompt (no gui). If i go out and buy mac os x 10.1 will it install on this version of darwin?

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i have heard somehacker try to rewrite the darwin x86 kernel to work whit OSX... but i think if someone do that some apple user get start to buy normal pc (whit more prestation of some apple computer and whit a lower price sometimes).... 4 apple was a catastrofe..... but u know nobody can stop the hackers when they have something in mind....
but if it hapend, this situations become a good reason to have best system on all machines and all machies becomes multi compatible....

sorry 4 my bad english, i hope u understand what i mean...

hi to all
Darwin is an open-source unix kernel that has been around for years. It's based on BSD unix which runs on everything under the sun, so most portability problems were worked out long ago. OSX is an apple-proprietary application. It probably wouldn't compile for x86 unless it was specifically designed to do so, which I highly doubt. Even if the code were portable, there's no way they'd release the source code, so you wouldn't even be able to try to compile it for x86. Likewise for any non-open-source OSX apps that you'd be interested in running.

In other words, if you want to run OSX and OSX apps, get a mac. If you want to run unix on x86, don't plan on running OSX apps. It'll never happen.