Darwin x86 and Mac OS 10.1


I recently downloaded and installed Darwin x86. The opensource darwin for Intel based computers. The problem is that it is only a unix type prompt (no gui). If i go out and buy mac os x 10.1 will it install on this version of darwin?

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Well, I haven't even seen x86 Darwin, but all you'd be able to do is upgrade to the latest version of Darwin. I don't know how much work that will be or even what changes have been made to this version of Darwin and how much work porting those changes to x86 would be (or if it's been done already), but I can't imagine there are huge improvements...
No, if you go out and buy Mac OS X 10.1 it will not install on Darwin x86. Mac OS X runs ONLY on PowerPC Macs.

If you want a GUI for Darwin x86 you can download XFree86.