Dashboard Button Unmapping


Dark Archon
My button assigned for dashboard keeps unmapping occasionally. I believe it does this after updates and/or installs. (havent paid attention close enough to occurrence)

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix (besides going to SysPref every time to reassign it)?

Just curious

I'm not sure what you mean by "unmapping" when you launch Dashboard or "going to SysPref every time to reassing it" ??

First, have you tried trashing the preference .plist file?
Drag the "com.apple.dashboard.plist" to the Trash. Reboot your Mac. The operating system will automatically create a spanky new clean Dashboard preference file for you. If that doesn't do the trick try the Apple Support at:

www.apple.com/support/tiger.finder/ <--- copy and paste that url into your browser address bar. Lots of help in the Apple Support Forums.

Carolyn :)