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I had been running OSX for about 3 months when I got this problem. I did som videoediting and the two diskpartitions that I used (One with mostly Classic stuff) where completely full from time to time. Some of my files became corrupted and I ran Disk First Aid. The report is pasted under. Could this be a OSX bug??

Checking disk “MacOSX”.
Checking "Mac OS Standard" volume structures.
Checking wrapper System file.
Checking "Mac OS Extended" volume structures.
Checking for locked volume name.
Checking extent BTree.
Checking extent file.
Checking catalog BTree.
Problem: Invalid BTree Header, 0, 0
Checking catalog file.
Problem: MountCheck found serious errors.
Checking catalog hierarchy.
Checking volume bit map.
Problem: Overlapped extent allocation, 4, 4430
Problem: Overlapped extent allocation, 4, 4430
Checking volume info.
Problem: Volume Header needs minor repair, 1, 0
Repairing the disk.
The volume “MacOSX” was repaired successfully.
Volume “MacOSX” had overlapping extents. Two or more files were accessing the same disk block. Aliases to the damaged files have been created in the folder “MacOSX:Damaged Files”.
Use the Finder's “Show Original” command on the aliases to locate the damaged files. We do not recommend opening the original files. Instead, the original files should be deleted or replaced from backups.

Worried OSX lover:(