Database Help


I have had a MAC for 25 years. I put together my first MAC database in Pascal on a MAC Classic in 1979. I have good experience with PC based database from Ashton-Tate's Dbase through Visual Foxpro. Since 1997, I have primarily used Access. I have a Lenix machine set up at home. I have several databases dating back to 1984 that I have migrated to Access. They all use VB, macros, etc. to find data and to search the internet. One got so large that it uses three .mdb file and hundreds of tables.

Over the last five years my wife and I have moved back to the Apple world. We have our iPhones, iPads, Mac Books, iTouches, etc. We have decided to upgrade our notebooks and desktops and consolidate to all Apple except for maybe one Windows desktop. I am trying to make the decision to move to a good MAC database manager. FileMaker does not appear to be strong enough for what I need to happen. I have played with dataglass for Access and it only seems to handle the simplest of databases. I have played with MySQL and protegreSQL in Linus. I do not want to have a web site for my databases and would like to sinc at home. It would be nice to carry my database on my iPAD and iPhone when I was birding or at a coin show.

I don't mind going down a new path, but I don't want to spend a couple hundred hours setting something up and it not get me to where I want to go I want to manage my data on a laptop, but carry it with me to shows and the field on my iPad. I want the field data to update the desktop database.

Thank you,

FileMaker is an enterprise-level DBMS. It is the most popular DBMS on the Mac and the second most popular DBMS for Windows. FileMaker Pro and its siblings are by no means your only option. Earlier in the life-cycle of the Mac, Apple included OpenBase with every installation on MacOS X of Developer Tools. Among the DBMSs that premiered on the Mac and then expanded to Windows is 4D, formerly 4th Dimension.

If you would prefer to stick with MySQL, then you have the option. Remember that Linux is a Unix workalike. OS X is Certified UNIX 03. Virtually any software that runs on Linux will also run on the Mac.