Databases Mailmerge to Documents And Emails


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
Do you want to send a document or file, or do you want to use the database information send emails?

What OS version are you running? What version of AppleWorks?


I currently run a small home based business and have used Appleworks for my database for 10 years

Now I find myself making 2 databases
1 in Appleworks and 1 in Outlook express

I do snail mail outs 2x / year in the past with flyers and Newsletters and am a t a point where I need to take another step into cybertech and go to another level with how I stay in touch with clients

I would like a database that I can merge email straight out of with either attachments or better still with documents within the email AND also do mail merges into printed letters for posting

I have heard Filemaker is good but know almost nothing about it.

I am surpirsed that the address book in OSX (which can be emailed out of, though it has very limited fields) has NOT been made to be mail merged with written documents

What OS version are you running? I have and imac on version 9.0.4 which is very reliable and I have a 17" G4 powerbook OS 10.2.8 which has limped, staggered and crawled along since I got it about a year ago

What version of AppleWorks - 6.0.4

Thanks for your help