Date and time lost booting into 10.1?


Does anyone else find that every time they boot up into 10.1, it's 1:00am on Thu 1/Jan/1970?

I've seen this problem mentioned on another web site, but no useful conclusions.  My battery's fine; OS 9.2 keeps time perfectly.  And I did a fresh install (10.0 with reformat, and then 10.1 upgrade).  Mine's a 2x500MHz G4.

This is most annoying!  Can anyone help?
I'm having the same problem. For me it seems to try to connect to the time server while booting, but I'm DSL and PPOE, so I guess it doesn't have the connection info until boot. Of course in 9 there's the option to set time when it's different, no such option in 10.1 :( So I guess the only time it tries to sync is during the boot process? But I hope to be getting a router soon that will dole out DHCP so hopefully that will solve the problem, but it is annoying.
Got my router, set it up to keep connection open, and give out DHCP. Boot Desktop and it does not lose Date and time.