Date and Time on OSX


Is there a way to set date and time the european way; day/month/year on 10.0.4 american english?
Please let me add to that: for anyone who has used OS X 10.1 prereleases, can you change the date format in them? The strange month/day/year order is just impossible for me to get used to!

Thanks in advance...
Yes ...just go to "International" in the System preferences menu.

What really gets me though is that there is no way to display the 24h mode on the menu bar. If you go into Date & Time the time is displayed in 24h but nothing on the menu bar...WHY????:confused:
Thanks a lot DCD, I did what you said..and yes there is the day/month/year option in the "international" icon, but after I selected doesnt change on the menu bar?..I keep getting month/day/year...any suggestions?
Thanks a lot again
Maybe try logging out and logging back in again, or restarting. That sometimes does it.

-- simX
I have done both things...and no luck. I dont know what the heck could I be doing wrong
I'm not in front of my mac now, but I have both options (24 hour clock and your whacky day/mo/yr setup - got used to it doing a lot of international patent filings...) on and they show up on my menu bar...

I'll double check when I get home and away from these windoze machines (although I do find playing EverQuest on them...FUN! when it's not blue screening me), but I know this is true as my wife always complains when she forgets to log in as herself and not just use my desktop.

All of this was set from w/in sys prefs.
Thanks a lot for your reply..I do get to see in the 'international' pane the time like we use it here day/month/year, but I don't see it on my menu bar..
I have asked a friend with OSX to try to set that on his mac and he had the same problem. it doesn't show in the menu bar although it does show in the international pane.
Thanks a lot
Peter, thanks a lot for trying...odd isn't?:)
While you figure this one out, please have a tequila on me :)
Cheers, and Thanks a lot
Yeah, I noticed this too in OS X, 10.1 - 5G64....

Guess mac are a bit US-centric....

What's the deal with mac can submit bug reports - yeah I know this is not a big deal but I suddenly thought it was June, woa I must have got an early release of 10.1......

Captain Peanut
My Date and time finally show the way I wanted: day/month/year
The problem is that I don't really know how I did I was playing and playing with it till it finally set it right.. I will try to figure out what I did and will post the "sequence"
The 24h setting seems to work for me (until I actually click and look at the time in the menu), and the date doesn't change format, but may I suggest that you guys use the clock application? Annoying, but it gets rid of the problem... it's also a nice transparency..
Originally posted by tismey
Mine is still set to American date format... :(

funny thing is this worked for me on 10.04, but it doesn't work anymore with 10.1 ... i'm stuck with american settings, so i'm using desktop calendar to make sure i don't lose my orientation completely ... ;)
oh well. hope apple repair this by 10.1.01 ...
Please scroll back to the first page in this thread, I posted the URL that explains how to set date and time /day/month/year
Originally posted by Iuis
Please scroll back to the first page in this thread, I posted the URL that explains how to set date and time /day/month/year

... er ... where?