DAVE and OS X 10.1


After updating to OS X I was noticing that connecting to Windows 2000 Server via AppleTalk was taking forever. When trying to connect through the DAVE beta, the application said it required OS X 10.0.4 to work (this was after 5 minutes of the Rainbow of Death). I decided to uninstal the program (using its uninstaller) since it no longer served a purpose and prevented me from using Sharity.

I was told that the uninstal was successful but that certain items could not be removed because they were in use or were not installed by the installer. Upon rebooting, I received a near instantaneous kernal panic (we are hanging here . . .). I rebooted again, kernal panic. I shut down and rebooted, kernal panic. I tried booting in verbose mode, panic, single user mode, panic. I finally had to run the OS X 10.1 updater again.

Everything works fine after that, and nothing lost, but BE CAREFUL! If you have DAVE and have not installed the 10.1 update, remove it beforehand.

-- Jason
I had Dave installed on two Macs with 10.0.4 (both Cubes) and it worked well after the second release. SMB will not work with Dave installed in 10.1
I had to download the installer to properly un-install it. Manually removing the Dave components did not work (guess I missed something)
After un-installing Dave, SMB worked OK. I have not seen a kernel panic since March 24th when booting Classic with QuicKeys 3 control panel.
Of course, your mileage will vary. I guess that is why they call it Alpha software, as it never made it to Beta, that I know of.
Good thing it only takes about 20 minutes to install X.1, compare that with XP or 2000, I feel blessed.
Why use AppleTalk with 2000 when you can use SMB or AFP over IP?