DAVE Is Now Free, but does it work???


I just downloaded DAVE from the Thursby site since the OS X version is now being offered as a free download. The problem is that it just does not work. I don't know if I am not setting it up right or what is going on. I am on a Windows network and would like my computer to show up in the Network Neighborhood on the windows network. I would like to share my Public folder as well as any other folders I enable sharing with DAVE as well as print to network printers. I have tried to do this but it just does not work and I can't be seen on the windows network. When opening the DAVE Explorer I cannot see other machines on the network either. When trying to log onto the network via the DAVE Explorer it gives the message "The domain “XXXXX” could not be found to verify your name and password. Please specify a different domain." and the message "Unable to get workgroups because an error occurred." (The XXXXX is not actually my domain, I just replaced the actual name in the message with XXXXX for posting here.) So I don't what's going wrong and why it doesn't work. If someone has DAVE working on a Windows Network and can share and print, I would love to know what you did to get it to work properly. Please post any ideas, suggestions, or tutorial instructions on how you got DAVE up and running.
I use it most days, and can use it to share both over our LAN and using a RAS dial-up.

Couple of really basic things - check in the DAVENetworking preferences that you've got 'Built-in Ethernet' checked (under 'Advanced', I think), as I don't think it gets checked by default. That one threw me for a while when I first started using it on our LAN. Also, check that you've got the right WINS address filled in.

I have both Sharity and DAVE installed on my machine, mainly because I haven't got around to removing Sharity since I installed DAVE, but also because there are some situations where Sharity appears to perform better.

I'll try and post a more helpful reply when I've got my TiBook in front of me and can actually SEE what/where the settings are.

BTW, you can't share printers using DAVE for OSX- the functionality isn't there.
You mentioned that I should make sure that I have the right WINS address filled in. Actually, to my knowledge our network does not have a WINS server and I have WINS disabled on the Windows 98 machine that I also work on. So I don't know if not having a WINS enabled server network could present a problem for DAVE or not, I seem to remember that didn't in DAVE 2.5 for OS 9, but I can't remember for sure since I'm fairly new to using DAVE.

Still trying to figure this out...
I wouldn't have thought that it'd be a problem NOT having a WINS server network - there is a check box for 'Use WINS', suggesting that you can use it on either system.

Can you ping other machines on your network from the terminal?
Yes, I can ping other computers on the network from the terminal, can check my e-mail, use the internet, just about everything but print and share files over the network. That's why I wanted to get DAVE working. To be able to share files and print on the windows network.