Dead Ibook


I'm wondering if anyone can help me with some advice on an iBook that has ceased to function. Since it has happened I've been reading all the failed logic-board reports posted all over the internet, which don't give me much hope. Anyway, I'll recount the steps that led to it's demise... I shut the machine down inorder to install an Airport card. Having completed the job (without any difficulty or drama along the way) the computer just won't start. It won't respond to an Apple/CTRL/Power restart (which I found sometimes kicked a previous iBook out of bed), nor does it respond to a power manager reset. I have removed the Airport Card to see if that makes any difference - but no luck! The only thing I can get to work are the Shift Lock and Number Lock lights, which come on if pressed as long as power is being supplied to the computer.
Does anyone out there know what the cause of this could be?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. If it's a logic board problem, I've seen a 500mhz board on eBay - could I use it to revive my dead 600mhz machine?

Thanks for listening.
If you and the surface, where the Airport card was installed, were not properly grounded - you may have damaged, via static discharge [formal, informal]), the logic circuitry of the iBook.

You may not have properly installed the Airport card, thus shorting the integrated circuitry wired to the card's socket; which then may have caused additional logic circuitry damage.

Whether or not one or more light emitting diodes (LEDs) turn ON and / or OFF, when power is applied to the iBook, is not truly reflective of the condition of the logic circuitry of the iBook.

'Does anyone out there know what the cause of this could be?', I would say - improper installation.