Dead Keyboard And Moouse Under Os X


When i boot or reboot my computer , sometimes the system will not recognize (basically shut off ) the USB keyboard or the USB MOUSE (no ball). When it starts the mouse light is on but after a little while (before it starts loading the OS X modules) it shuts off but it never comes back on. But after a few reset (side button) or poweroff/power on it will eventually maintain the keyboard and mouse on.

I found a work around. When the keyboard and moue die, i just unplu the USB cord from the compuetr and plug it back in and PRESTO. They work again. But it makes no sense why they would die in the first place.

My system is an IMAC DV with 256 MB of ram and I have updated completely my OS X (10.0.3)

Thanks in advance

same here...

I wonder if your trick work, as my mouse and keyboard usb, they go into my flatscreen, so it's not connected to the usb port on my mac...
Usually when a Mac "loses" a USB device like that it is the direct or indirect result of some other USB device or device driver. Third party mouse drivers and printers drivers are the usual suspects in a case like this. Last week, I had a go around of losing the keyboard after installing a new driver for an Epson C84 printer. I finally cured the problem by removing all traces of the Epson driver (no easy task) and using the GIMP-Print drivers for the Epson C84 printer. If a third party mouse driver is suspected USB Overdrive X will replace almost any third party mouse driver and give the same or more functionality with no unwanted side effects.

Hope this gives you some ideas of where to start troubleshooting
Are your devices plugged straight into your computer or into a hub? If they're in a hub, try removing or replacing the hub. If they're not in a hub, who knows, maybe a hub would make them work.
I'm having similar problem, but i read somewhere that it's due to a dodgy connection where the mouse wire goes into the mouse......gets all frayed and stuff. Macworld had an article on replacing it, but I can't for the life of me find it. If anyone has any pointers I'd be grateful, cos I LIKE my mouse and don't want a tacky one :D I expect that this is of no use to Laop tho!