deals on the net


i have a website that I am trying to complete by jan1 that is basically a deals resource center. A place where online coupon discount codes are shared, the latest deals on everything from free samples to complete computer systems and everything in between.

i am trying to spread the word now and increase my vistitor rate by teh time it goes live. I am giving away prizes to help increase the number of visitors.

I have a set of basic forums up for now, and the pages for teh rest of teh site will be made public as they are completed. I am currently working on the database end of the deals page. That will be the first page to go live.

please visit my forums in the mean time.

I hoep to see some more mac users. As you can tell my the sites design, I am an apple lover. I would love to see a high amount of mac users there, since most deals sites are predominately PC user based.