Dear Sir/madam:


1.) I can't seem to get my Idisk online. It tells me it can't do something unless it is online. I'm can I connect it?

2.) Since my iBook is so overloaded..I thought I would take the chance to put everything on my idisk... I bought extra space it it seemed to work.

Then all of a sudden...When I powered up, on my desktop was a dmg looking Idisk, a dmg looking previous system and no ball Idisk.

By clicking the go Idisk I got the ball and by clicking the dmg previous sytem I got another dmg idisk which has more of my stuff I transfered to it. but my HD is back overloaded cause I can't get it to say in cyberspace unstead of living on my HD desktop.

Sooooo at this point I don't know what I have or what to do...I'm an artist and don't want to loose all by photos..

3.) I'm on 10.4.2 on Ibook and my internal CD/DVD is broken. My goal when I get back in my own home on friday is to Buy a G5 desktop, dump my data and get this one fixed for travel. Then I can use my Idisk (if I ever recover my sanity from this event)!

Thanks for any help you can give me.