Debug New Widget



I wrote a new widget that searches a specific site ( using Google.

The JavaScript and HTML tests fine and pulls in good searches using Safari. When the I produce the widget and install it, it appears for a couple of seconds but then disappears. Every time I try to launch it again, it comes on then disappears again.

I believe I must have made some errors in writing the info.plist file. Here is what. Here is what I have in this file:


Any assistance would be appreciated.

Well since I assume you aren't using a Cocoa bundle with your widget, you're going to have to disable JavaScript, and see if you can find out where the problem is. I'd suggest disabling all of your JavaScript (comment it out with /* .. */) and then run it, and if it quits again, run through your Plist and see if there's any problems with that.
Thanks for your comments.

I got it to work with a small change:

The problem now is, the search works but shoots the results in the widget (_self) instead of in the Browser window i.e. (_blank). I need to do something to the Form onSubmit or the JavaScript.

The project is fun, though.