Decereasing Video Size from iMovie to TV



i am trying to make a movie out of images as an automatic running slideshow with music and effects. So, i started with a dv project in iMovie HD. Imported all the images as psd files with the appropriate resolution of 720x576. I finished all my work, created a dvd using idvd and burned it. Using my DVD Player on the PowerBook (10.4.3) looks great and the images/photos look complete. But playing this dvd on a stand-alone dvd player crops a border around my movie. Now i´ve seen the secure border (tv) option, is this a problem with my tv or does this cropping occur on every screen? Why does my tv show commercial dvd´s in complete.

:( Help, tutorials, experts?

Is your dvd player hooked up to a "normal" TV or a wide screen TV? Normal NTSC resolution is only 480xsomething IIRC.

actually i am using a wide screen pal tv screen working with 50hz (living in germany). running my tv screen in normasl 4:3 mode you see that there is definitely a whole lot of pixels missing using the standalone dvd player.