decoding/joining multi-files on OS X


hello, I'm new to newsgroups and was wondering what program i need to use to open txt files that i've downloaded from a newsgroup. These are multi files and they're in txt format. The mac doesn't know what to do with them, as text editor tries to open them. Any suggestions on how to open these files? i've got stuffit deluxe 10 but I don't know if it can open these files either.
Thanks for any help


yEnc TZ (freeware) and Rosetta (shareware, if you can obtain it) work excellently with single and multiple file uuencoded files.
View Version Tracker for a list of numerous Mac decoders.

Decoder v. 3.1.7, and StuffIt Expander v. 9 and v. 10.0 fail with various uuencoded files.