Default JPEG compression in



I am using Automator to batch resize many images. I created a Workflow with the 'Scale Image' action in Preview, but with bad result. Too heavy compression.

I think the default JPEG compression is something like 75%, as seen
within Preview when doing a 'Save As' on an image.

Now to my real question, Is there any way to change the default compression
used by Preview? Any hidden 'defaults write' features?

I really like the simplicity with Preview but need better JPEG quality.

Anyone with a clue? Thanks!

Edit: I should have mentioned that I need all the EXIF metadata untouched during the resize. Preview works good here. I do have Photoshop and various other utilities, but Photoshop is overkill for this job, and other utilities wipes out the EXIF metadata!
I guess Preview is simply not the app to use here. It doesn't really allow for any flexibility. I guess you don't have Photoshop - it really shines here. But you might want to look into Graphics Converter. See or for it.