Default position of new dialogs/windows


I've just taken delivery and setup my new Mac Mini with Monterey. Mostly everything just worked - hooray!

One annoyance that I can't find a setting for is that when new dialogs open they appear in random places around the screen. In Windows and Linux I can change the position to always be beside the parent application window or in the centre. There does not seem to be anywhere in MacOS to change the default location of new windows? I can't believe I'm the only one that finds this behaviour annoying but how do I change it. (Apologies if this should be in the switchers forum instead!)

To give a concrete example I opened the terminal app and wanted to change the background/foreground colours. The window was near the top-left of the screen.
I opened Terminal->Preferences. It opened near the centre of the screen. That's OK.
I then tried to change the font and a font dialog opened on the extreme right edge of the monitor, (and open a 32inch monitor that's a long way from where I was looking!)
I then tried to change the background colour and the colour dialog opened in the bottom-left corner, almost diametrically opposite the previous dialog. Why don't they open in a consistent location - ideally near to, but not on top of, the window I'm in at the time I click the button! And can I change it?
It seems this only happens with some apps.
Setting up Safari and Mail the dialogs were all sensibly positioned.
When you open a new window be it the system preferences or the download folder - and it opens in a far off corner - just click and hold on the title bar of the window and drag it to where you want it. Now when you open the window in the future, it will open at that spot.

Your new machine is just trying to find the best place for you. Once you move it, it should stay there. --I did say should.