delete a user in os 10.2.8


can anyone help me? i am new to this and thought i would give it a try.
i have 3 users on my powerbook. myself as admin and then 2 others. i can't delete the 2 others...they don't disappear. any suggestions of what i could be doing wrong would be great.
Are they logged on while you are doing this? If so, they need to be logged off. I say this because it's possibly to "switch users" while others are still logged on. It could be that the other users are still showing as logged on. Once they are logged off, then head to System Preferences to the User Accounts section and then delete the users.
i would assume they can't be logged on b.c i am logged on. i wasn't aware you could have 2 people logged in at the same time? am i wrong? one user has to log out to be able to log in to the other.
It's an option that allows you to "switch users" so if one person is logged on and you need to use your account but don't want to log them out completely, you can do that. It has to be enabled though in the User Accounts section in System Preferences. If it is enabled, you will see your username at the far right of the menubar. When you click it, it will show a list of other users to switch to.

Windows XP also has this option, but personally I think Apple does a better job of it. :D
10.2.8 did _not_ have Fast User Switching, so that's not the problem. You can't simply 'delete' the user's home folders (and shouldn't). Just go to the Users System Preference Panel, select the user(s) and remove them?
nope, sorry everyone...the users are still there. thanks for everyones help but i don't know what else to try. i am going through the sys pref's to delete the user. i click the delete user button and it says it is deleting but the users are still there.
I know this might be a faux-pas, but you might want to activate the root account just to delete the users, and then disable it again.