Delete Apps From Iphone 5 History


Im trying to completely delete apps that i got free or purchased on my iPhone..I no longer use them..Plus these are going on my husbands iPhone and he has no need fro them how do i get rid of the apps we don't want… I have a iMac OS X version 10.7.5…I don't use iCloud ..but my husband has a apple laptop
OS X 10.9.5….and is in the process of downloading yosemite on his laptop..I hope someone can help me get rid of the unwanted apps that are on my iPhone..and if there also on my computer also… Thanks for any help…Ive tried deleting them but there still in the app history..but i want them gone...


In iTunes, go to Apps & delete from there also delete from phone. Doing both will prevent them from being reinstalled during sync.


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
Once you delete them from iTunes, connect your phone and Sync. You may need to click on Apply for the changes to take place.