delete iCloud from 1 device


I have a Mac OS X 10.7.2.My question's.. i gave my 3g iPhone to my Husband
and i have the 4s iPhone .. but he doesn't want everything being put on his iPhone Like all of my bookmarks ..apps..we have the same account on the 2
iphones and the same email address...Can my Husband turn his iCloud off on his phone?... and if he does what data will he lose?... and can i still sync his
iphone on my computer for songs i buy?.. i'm sorry if this is confusing..i just
don't want my Husband losing data that he needs on his iPhone... Or would it
be easier just to delete my iCloud completely on both iPhones?... thank you for
any help...


Yes. With the iCloud preferences pane, there is a big red button that allows you to delete the your iCloud account. Alternatively, you may individually turn OFF those services that you don't want and turn ON those that you do. Another option is not to enable iCloud on the phone in the first place.