Deleted Applications folder


While i was trying to uninstall a program it gave me an error and when i clicked cancel, it erased everything in my apps folder including system preferences. I tried a real install and it gave me all the apps back but most of them, including the system preferences folder have a "no" sign across the icon and when i click on the app or folder i get a message saying: "You can't open the application "[insert any app name here]" because it is not supported on this architecture."


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What's that "real install"-method you're talking about? I'd backup what you still can and reinstall. It's the way of least resistance.


Chmod 760
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Which Mac do you have, and which version of Mac OS X?
What application did you install? And indeed.. what is this 'real install'?

The no icon would occur if you try to open e.g. a PPC only on an Intel Mac, or an Intel Mac application on a PPC Mac. But an application should not be able to do what you are describing.